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Benjamin Phillip Anders

Benjamin Phillip Anders, studied at The New School for Social Research and University of Bonn. In addition to issues in contemporary international politics his interests include ontology and epistemology German Idealism and contemporary analytic and continental philosophy, ontology and politics in medieval Islam Christendom from a compartist perspective, and ancient philosophy with a focus on Neoplatonism. He is in his final year as an undergraduate at The New School and will apply to various Phd programs in philosophy and intellectual history in Autumn 2012. In addition to the present essay, his paper ›The Paradigm of Paradigms: an Essay in Comparative Ontology‹ will be published in a forthcoming issue of ›Juventas. ZfjP‹ as well as the Vanderbilt philosophy journal ›Geist‹.

A Modest Plea for Illegitimate Grievances: Notes on the Particulars of a Universal Revolution
S. 73-82
erschienen in Juventas, Heft I / 2011
The Paradigm of Paradigms
erschienen in Juventas, Heft II / 2011